The Indiana County Solid Waste Authority was created to help Indiana County and its municipalities comply with Pennsylvania Act 101 of 1988, the law that governs recycling in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Authority operates the Indiana County Recycling Center, helps enforce solid waste ordinances in participating municipalities, and also informs and educates County residents about the benefits and impacts recycling has on the environment.  The Authority is governed by a seven member Board of Directors that is appointed by the Indiana County Board of Commissioners.  The Authority has a staff of 9 employees.

Tours of the Recycling Center and educational programs about recycling and related topics are available, free of charge, to residents, schools, civic organizations, and other interested parties.  For more information about the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority or the Indiana County Recycling Center, please contact us at the numbers listed above.  The Authority's board meetings are held the second Thursday of each month starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Recycling Center.


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