Christmas Tree Drop Off Recycling

Each year, more live Christmas tree consumers are discovering the environmental advantages of recycling their trees.

There are many significant uses for post-harvest Christmas trees.  The most popular use in our area being mulching.  Since Christmas trees are biodegradable, the trunk and branches can be chipped and used as mulch in parks and gardens.  Mulch protects the roots of plants and prevents weeds from growing.  Once the mulch has decomposed, it leaves behind nutrients that are used by the growing plants.

In other parts of the country, used live Christmas trees are sometimes used to form sand and soil erosion barriers.  This practice is found on beaches and river beds.  Used trees can also be sunk in ponds to provide hiding and feeding places for fish and other aquatic creatures.

Following each Holiday season, the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority accepts live Christmas Trees during its Christmas Tree Drop Off Recycling Collection. The collection typically runs from December 24th until mid February. All tinsel, decorations, wires, hooks, and bags MUST be removed from the trees prior to dropping them off at the Recycling Center. This is a drop off collection ONLY! No trees will be picked up at the curbside. All trees dropped off at the Recycling Center are chipped and the material is donated for use in Indiana County Parks.

Many municipalities offer tree collection programs. Please contact your municipal office to find out if they offer a similar program.