Frequently Asked Questions

What are our hours?
Appliances/Electronics Drop-Off Times: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
All Other Recyclables Acceptable For The Drop-Off Program24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*What items do you accept for curbside pick-up?
Glass, cans, newspaper, and #1 & #2 plastic bottles. Please see our Curbside Recycling page for more information.

What items do you accept for drop-off recycling?
Glass, cans, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, magazines, office paper, plastics #1 & #2, and yard waste. Please see our Drop-off Recycling page for more information.

What appliances/electronics do you accept, and what is their cost?
Please see our Special Materials Collection page to see our list of acceptable items and their current pricing.

Why wasn't my bin picked up?
Please check to see if your bin has a rejection sticker on it. The sticker will explain why your bin was rejected. Please note our Calendar page as well to see our holiday schedule.

When is compost available?
Compost is available beginning the first Monday in April, and continues to be available while supplies last. Please see our Compost Site page for more information.

Does the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority have anything to do with trash collection?
No. The ICSWA is not affiliated with garbage hauling in any way.

Why aren't more items eligible for curbside pick-up?
At the present time, our trucks are only equipped to haul glass, cans, newspapers, and #1 & #2 plastic bottles.

What is a satellite drop-off?
The satellite drop-ff program helps make recycling more convenient for some of the more rural communities in Indiana County. Please see our Satellite Drop-off Programs page for more information.

How can my area be a part of the satellite collection program?
Please call (724) 479-0444, or e-mail us at for details. Keep in mind that the collection days only occur on Saturdays (if open dates on the schedule are available).

How much will you pay me for the items I drop off?
The Indiana County Solid Waste Authority does not pay money in exchange for any items dropped off for recycling.

Where can I get a recycling bin(s)?
Indiana Borough: (724) 465-6691 - 80 North 8th Street, Indiana, PA 15701
White Township: (724) 463-8585 - 950 Indian Springs Road, Indiana, PA 15701

Can appliances/electronics be dropped off on a weekend or after hours?
After hours and Sundays: No

How do I dispose of unwanted paint?
*You can purchase waste paint hardener at most home-improvement stores. Click for more information.

Other Options include:
Latex or Water-Based Paint:  These types of paint are not considered to be hazardous.  If the paint inside the can is still wet, pour a clay-based cat litter into the can to absorb it.  The entire can and its contents can then be disposed of in your regular trash.

Oil-based Paint: Oil-based paint that is still wet should never be discarded in your regular trash. Please read the label for proper disposal, or try to see if there is a household hazardous waste (HHW) collection program in your area. Check our or for this information.

Where can I recycle alkaline batteries?
Westmoreland Cleanways, located at 226 Donohoe Road, Suite 101, Greensburg, PA 15601.  Their phone number is (724) 836-4129.

Can books be recycled?
Yes! Please use your best judgement based on the type of paper the pages are made of. For example, phone book pages are similar to newspaper. They may be placed in the newspaper bin. Books with glossy or shiny pages can be placed in the magazine bin.

 Hardback Books: Please discard the covers and spine in your regular trash. The pages can then be recycled as described above.

Does the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority provide paper shredding services?
No, but ICW Vocational Service, Inc. does. They are located at 155 N 10th Street in Indiana and their phone number is (724) 349-1211.