Satellite Drop-off Program

The Indiana County Solid Waste Authority offers satellite drop-off recycling services to communities interested in participating. The program is designed to make recycling more convenient to those residents that live in the more rural communities of Indiana County. 

The Authority requires each drop-off site to be manned during the 
collection times specified for each individual drop-off site. Current participants hold their collections on Saturday's only. This seems to be the most convenient day for those residents that work during the weekdays. 

For more detailed information or to start a program for your municipality, please contact the Authority office at the number below. 

Acceptable Satellite Drop-Off Items

Clear, Green, & Brown Food & Beverage Containers
Bottles & jars should be rinsed, remove and discard lids, labels or OK.
We do not accept window our auto glass, stemware, dishes, or ceramics.

Newsprint, including Inserts & Advertisements

Aluminum & Steel Food & Beverage Containers Cans should be rinsed, labels are OK.
We do not accept aluminum foil, pots and pans, grills, or other scrap metal items. Current Satellite Drop-off Sites

#1 & #2 Plastic Bottle Form Only  
Bottles should be rinsed, remove and discard lids, labels are OK.
We do not accept wide mouth food containers, #3 to #7 plastics, vinyl siding, or plastic toys. 

Stapled or Glued Magazines & Catalogs

Current Satellite Drop-off Sites